Sunday, 28 December 2014

Things were different back then : The Weather

Right now it is raining heavily in my hometown. I can’t help to worry about flood as my house is quite near to a river and there is a small man-made lake right in front of our house. We are right now in the middle of major flood crisis in Malaysia. It was really bad. As for myself, everytime it rained heavily, I would be very worried. No smiles definitely.

A few months ago, we were striken by draught. It is not as bad as in some countries, where it brought famine, but here in Malaysia, it has come to the extent where the dam is very dry and many places has no running water for quite some time. We did mass prayers and they made clouds (i do not know the real term for that “scientific” process) so that it would rain. At that time, rain was a blessing. Heavy rains made me smile, thinking that the dam would be filled with water.

Gambar hiasan : macro water drop by Tanya Puntti

Wow. See how the same thing could make us feel differently at times!

Anyways, Kuantan is one of the cities which are always being hit by flood these days. I used to live in Kuantan as a child. The year was 1992 until 1995. Every year we would face the raining season. We are quite used to it. It will be on the school holidays at the end of the year. Mom would be hanging our clothes indoors and I remember seeing our balcony and drains filled with lots of water. non-stop. We would also set our paper boats or “sampan” there. hehe.. But at that time, never in my mind that our place will be flooded. Yes. No flood at all. Even having flood in the Kuantan town was never heard of at that time.

But nowadays, things have changed.

I remembered myself going out, be it during my childhood in the 90’s or in my teenage years, we never really care to bring our drinking water for ourselves to quench our thirst. Even during outings with my family too. Even though we rarely gets the chance to have some “cool” drinks at that time whenever we go out with our parents, we still do not bring our own drinking water. And we are not thirsty at all.

Compared to these days, I would always have a bottle of drink by my side. Or else, I would stop by to buy some drinks. I guess the weather is too hot compared to those days in the 90s. That is why we always feel the need to stay hydrated.

So, yup. Things are so different back then.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Just mana perginya lulusan agama?

Saya melihat, ramai orang yang buat kerja kebajikan (charity work) ni orang-orang biasa yang bukan bidang lulusan agama. Lebih-lebih lagi dimonopoli dan dipelopori oleh orang bukan Islam. Betapa cantiknya Islam itu, semua akhlak yang baik, perbuatan seperti membela anak yatim dan orang miskin semuanya ada disebutkan pahalanya. Berbanding dengan agama lain yang mungkin tak cerita spesifik pun tentangnya.

ok benar, ada orang yang buat kerja kebajikan ni tak nampak pun. Dia buat senyap-senyap je. Berapa banyak maahad tahfiz anak yatim yang beroperasi atas sedekah orang. Memang hebat. Para ustaz dan ustazah yang buat kerja seikhlasnya. dan banyak lagi kerja kebajikan yang kita tak tau ceritanya...

Cuma saya jadi terfikir begini hanya bila sedih melihat lulusan agama yang hidupnya sama dengan orang biasa, malah lebih teruk lagi mengejar material keduniaan. Sayang sekali. Jarang juga dengar fakulti pengajian agama ni buat kerja-kerja charity work. Mungkin kita perlu lakukan sesuatu tentang ini.

Supaya ajaran agama itu tidak hanya menjadi teori dan ilmu yang kering kepada pelajar lulusan agama ini.
Sekadar pandangan.


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