Saturday, 5 April 2014

Friendship to me

friends. acquaintances. BFF. colleague.

Dear friend. No matter how you labelled our friendship, I still consider a friend is a friend.
A friend will always have special place in my heart. 
Yes, i might not always agree with you. And we might disgust at each other most of the times. 
Yes, you might not invite me to your parties or on shopping trip. I do not mind that. 

We might not always contacted each other. Or smile at each other. 
But I DO know that when i pray for my friends, you will always be in my list somewhere in my head. hehe..

So my dear friend,
No matter how much we are not so close with each other, or maybe you treated me differently, I don’t care much (okay, i lied. maybe sometimes it hurts).
But what I do know is that whenever you ask for me, or when you need my help, I will try my best to help you and be by your side. 
Because that’s what friends are for. 

A friend is not just for the good times. But also when you are at the lowest end of your life. 

A real friend does not need a reason to be friends.
We do not need the chemistry to ‘click’ or the same hobby to be real good friends. 

Rasanya cukuplah Allah sahaja menjadi sebab kita berkawan. I do not need any other reason.

Thank you kawan!

~no enemies. just friends~


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