Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cerita bab kahwin

When somebody dont feel like getting married, what would u say to that person?

orang tu rase hidupnya lebih senang bujang & rasa tak layak nak bina baitulmuslim.

Dia tau dia xsepatutnya rasa begitu dan x sepatutnya membiarkan dirinya rasa dia tahu apa yang terbaik untuk dirinya berbanding ketentuan Allah.

Tapi yelah kan, hati x mampu berbohong.

Ha, amekaw!! Camano nak nasihatkan orang ni? Saya rase semua ni berpunca drp iman juga. Bila takut dengan masa depan dsb... Hmmm..

Monday, 17 December 2012

Right to get angry

"I have right to get angry!"

Do we really have that right to get angry? Or even worse, to hate people who does wrong to us? I don't think so.

We always love to find reasons for our acts. We tend to justify things that we like, even though deep in our hearts we know that all those things are not right.

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) MAY have the right to get angry with the kafir musyrikin or the idolators, but he did not. So this really shows that anger & hatred should not ever be in our dictionary of life. Especially muslims that claimed themselves as daie (preacher).

Thursday, 13 December 2012

lesson learnt- twice

Well, I used to hurt somebody through my blog post. Unintentionally.
My words are being misunderstood.
Today somebody is hurt again. By my words. from my email.

and yet, he ends up hurting mine. his hurtful replying comments.
and i feel that not only my words are being misunderstood, i myself was being misunderstood as a person.
He said I did not go through what others had gone through.
Yup, I might be new, naive, and so on.
But you didn't know me either. I was one of the victim during that time it happened. and I have people around me becoming the victims too.
So you have no right saying I have no right to say anything about it.
My comments are just trying to cool things up.
I just do not want people to end up being like the people that they hated.
cukuplah mereka saja yg buat jahat, kenapa pula kita nak marah lagi macam orang jahat?
I can always feel the hatred every time we brought up the issue.
and it is really bad. I have heard what those hatred does to my friends in other states - more misunderstood situations that slows the pace of something that should go faster.
But, well, looks like my good intentions end up heated some things up.

i guess i will stop writing comments to them. even on facebook. it is time for me to shut up. and just listen. or be a silent reader.
this blog? well, i don't know yet.
I guess i will just try my best not to say anything when not asked or when it is not needed.
tata facebook and Yahoogroups/googlegroups.


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