Sunday, 4 September 2011

tanak jadi hipokrit?


phew. cool down.

some people always say about not ready to wear hijab, not wanting to be a hypocrite by wearing it, not good enough to wear it.

And then some of them even started to pointing to others who wore hijab/tudung, and yet sometimes with no akhlak of a good muslim. Saying that is the reason why you do not want to wear it yet. Cause you might do something wrong and sinful and that is bad image for Islam.

And then, some of them also pointing to others who advise them to don hijab. Others who might do it the wrong way like 'perli' or 'marah-marah' and use harsh words. And because of that, you forgot that despite that the advise was being said the wrong ineffective way, what they say is still true- donning the hijab is what muslim women should do. We all know that.

Now tell me, hijab or without no hijab. You are still a muslim. And they still sees you as a muslim. They will still label you as muslim.

When you want to do something good, for Allah swt- there's no need for you to find reasons. There's also no need to look at others and not worry about what they think about you. You should not point to others as well.

Why? Well it's because this is all just about you.

I do not need to wait until I am good enough to wear hijab. I just do it because of the love for Allah swt. And now I've seen it's 'hikmah' too. alhamdulillah


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