Saturday, 27 August 2011

An open letter to the men I love

Dear man no.1,

I’ve noticed that you’ve changed into a better person. This time I can really see that you have repented. Alhamdulillah. Before this, I was afraid that you might not be serious. I had to admit, I was afraid that you might forget what you had done, and you'd go back to square one.

But Alhamdulillah, you had a better plan this time. I know it was very difficult for you. Your past will always haunt you forever. And your past is also our past. It will always makes us sad. All of us will never be the same after what had happened. But don’t get me wrong, I will still love you and I have forgiven you. But to forget, is not an easy feat. And I know, you've worked hard to get to where you are now. Your determination to become a better person in front of Allah is really something.

I just want you to remember that you are not doing this for us, but for Allah. So please never ever give up. Work hard. Pray hard. Trust in Allah swt. I know it is not easy. I understand how you feel because until now, I still have difficulties in leaving most of my bad habits. It will always very difficult and it will keep on coming back. I just hope that both of us can be stronger. I need to work harder to be a muttaqeen. I pray that all of us will go to the jannah, inshaAllah. Ameen.

Dear man no.2,

I love you but I do not really know how to tell you the truth or the things that I want to tell you about. It has always been difficult for me to communicate to you. Words doesn’t come out easy when I talk to you. I always feel sad to see what is happening to you. I can see that you are ruining yourself. That is what I saw. Even though you seems happy, filling your lives with happy moments, great activities with your friends, I still see that you are wasting your life- like you have no purpose in life. And you are at this age where you should be at your highest peak of your life. You have the brain and the oppportunities to do well, and yet you did'nt grab the chance.

Even though you pray, you do good deeds, you have your own opinion in everything, you did some charity once in a while, I still can see that you could do better than this. My heart is wrenching when you didn’t answer to the prayer calls and you chose to stay comatose in front of the television. But I didn’t have the nerve to advise you. You have spent your youth mostly in front of the tv, when you are supposed to do more. I really hope that you will change. There is more to life. Please don’t waste it. We have to work for our eternal life.

You do believe in akhirat don’t you?

So why it seems like you treat Ramadan the same as other months? You didn’t seem to care at all. I hate to see this happening. This is not you.

I really pray that you will change one day. inshaAllah. Please Allah. Open up his heart.


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