Tuesday, 8 February 2011

giving up

how does it feel giving up your own private space to other people?
giving up your comfort for others?

did that before. i gave up my bed n space for my junior n put my locker down the hall way. i slept in the main hall in my sleeping bag sometimes.
and i am okay with that. but alot of people question my move. i'd say it's a test. a test of iman. a test of whether i am capable of leaving all the comfort for a long time.

anyway, i guess it's time to live simply. make do with whatever u have. they say art people needs their own space (big one!) for them to do their creative 'thing'. well, partly yes. cause i have a lot of junk @art materials to create something out of it. and as a teacher who loves books, i do have a lot of books!

but, yes. try to live simply. just take what u really need (although needs differs between individuals).

i'm getting a new roommate. yahoo! it has been quite a while. let us test my iman.. could i do this 'giving up' thing once again?
after all, everything is Allah's. nothing is really mine.

so there is no such thing as giving up at all right? it is not mine to give up in the first place. so why question?

oh ye, satu lagi. kalau nak bagi orang, bagilah yg the best we have. yg paling kita sayang, paling suka. kalau org tak hargai pun takpela..nak buat camana, memang takleh nak puaskan hati semua orang. yg penting kita buat yg terbaik yg Allah suruh kita buat. contoh mudah, lihat saja bagaimana golongan Ansar tolong Muhajirin. dah la baru je masuk Islam, tapi nilai-nilai mereka mengatasi diri kita ni. mereka boleh letak tepi asabiyah yang jadi darah daging mereka tu demi persaudaraan Islam.

last but not least, put yourself in the other person's shoes..



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