Tuesday, 19 January 2010

some thoughts on : Assumptions

There are people who want to find reasons for everything. Even things that nobody who could think of the reason of it! For example, the reason behind someone’s action. Nobody can be sure the reason for it except for the person himself. But these "inquisitive" person could not stand not knowing the reason or answer for everything! To them, it is a must to find the answers - the reasons.

So, they create assumptions. Finding these reasons would be okay if you are a behaviourist, psychologist, psychiatrist or people whose work would need them to analyze people’s behaviours and action. And it would still be okay if you have positive ideas or reasons about it (positive = optimist).

A psychiatrist might analyze people and find answers and reasons for every person’s action, but they did not rely 100 percent on assumptions. They ask these people and make diagnosis before they decide. These are what we call hypotheses. Why they don’t simply rely on these? Well, because they know, false assumptions would lead to wrong decisions and then it could risk his career too!

So, why must we simply create assumptions for any person’s action without asking the person himself? You could be making false assumptions. And if you ask the wrong people (which is not the person himself), then it would be “mengumpat” – double up your wrongdoings, your “dosa”. So people, please! Never ever assume too early. Ask the person himself. Assumptions kill. It could kill your motivation, friendship, and also your whole lives in this world and the hereafter.

From what I see around me, assumptions are the number one factor for most problems between people. Never ever think badly of others.
Never ever make assumptions,
regardless of how well you know the person, or
how well you know about the situation.
Cause only God knows why. Not you!
So move away assumptions! I don’t trust you!

Sangkaan. Zhon. Assumptions.


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