Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sending Wrong Messages??

Pernah tak anda berjumpa dengan seseorang yang sangat membuatkan anda tidak selesa berinteraksi dengannya,tanpa sebab yang munasabah?

The person you met not only make you feel uncomfortable, but also sometimes can be very intimidating?

These are the kind of people that made you really nervous and make you think twice before you speak. The look in their eyes, their gestures always make you feel like what you say is always wrong. And it seems like you are trying hard to convince them every time you speak, even when you do not need to.

Well, I have met these kind of people and I do not only pity myself, but I pity them too. Why?

I think they are the kind of people who always send wrong messages. Wrong gestures, wrong pitch, or wrong body language. People like this always had problem when interacting with others.

They are usually a loner or always being misunderstood. Miscommunication is something usual for them. People misunderstood them for being angry or mad when they are not. Or frustrated when they are not, or their stare would make people think they are jealous when they are not.

I saw this problem in one of my year one student. His eyes, his frowns are being used at wrong places. Sometimes he frowns for no reason.

I have a very close friend having this problem too. After I had analyzed her body language, identifying her problem, then only I realized why people always misunderstood her and shone her. But until now, I still do not have the courage to tell the person about this. Please pray for me. Saya sangat berharap dia dapat terima teguran saya suatu hari nanti.

What made me want to write this is when I remembered about my meeting with another friend last weekend. She is the kind of person who made me feel very intimidated. I just could not tell her straight. I would avoid her. I also can see some of my friends feel the same way too.
why does it happen?

Is the problem is in her ; sending the wrong messages? Or myself; the matter of me not knowing her well and trust?

Another question I would like to throw to you out there who know me.
Am I intimidating? huhu..
I really hope not, cause this would shove people away from me and would not open up to me. do tell me the truth ok? even if it hurts..ehehe..

Please respond okay? thank you


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