Tuesday, 28 July 2009

why do you do it??

Why do you do it?
What is your niat??
Is it really for Islam?
Or are you doing it for personal satisfaction?

Why do you leave the things you used to love?
What is your niat?
Is it really for Islam?

Do it for Islam.
Mujahadah for Islam
Mujahadah for Allah and His Messenger

Be a strong-willed person!

Insha-Allah you will love what you do
Love what you do for Islam!

Insha-Allah in the end it is all really about YOU! YOU getting what He has promised for His Believers.

1 comment:

fieqa said...

salam..wah!..nice post laa..
short yet meaningful..

hm..btol3..ape2 pon go back to niat kita la kan..insyaAllah..
mge Allah jaga niat kita..


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