Monday, 16 March 2009

How do you choose to die?

Today somebody I knew died in a road accident. Yup, road accidents happen every day. It makes me wonder, how am I going to die?

And then it struck to my mind, I cannot choose where or when to die. I cannot choose how to die (even if you lay out a detailed plan to kill yourself, you still cannot confirm whether you will die according to your plan or not. Remember those suicide attempts cases that failed? Everything is in the hands of Allah – kun fayakun).

we were told that this rock in Brunei is the sinking ship of Malin kundang/tanggang, a malay folklore about an ungrateful son that turned into stone.

Once I attended this talk on the topic “Begin with the end in mind.”
I was very sleepy during that session and could not remember anything from the talk. But I know, the end of my life in this world would mean Death.

How do I view death? Well, death is a process where you go shifted from one world to the other world where you will live for eternity. What you did in this world while you were alive determines what will you get in the afterlife. Heaven or hell? You choose. And death means time out! That’s it, you cannot turn back time. All done and let’s see whether you have done enough to escape from hell and get the best heaven for eternity. Whoa!

So how do you choose to die?
My friend used to tell me about this one particular guy he knew died of heart attack on a dance floor. He was dancing happily and then died.
Some people may say, “well, at least he died in happiness.”
But in reality, would you like to die that way?
First, I pity him because he died as a non-believer of Allah (he’s a non-muslim)
Second, as a muslim, I guess none of us would like to die on a dance floor. Die in a position where you forgot you creator; Allah subhanahu wa taala.

I guess it is strange to the rest of the world, especially non-muslims, when muslims put death as their motivations for living out their lives to the fullest. Surprise surprise, talking about death is not a taboo in our culture. We talked about it everyday, especially in our prayers. We know death can come anytime, in various ways. So, we are reminded to prepare ourselves for it.

But how do you prepare for death? Booking a nice place in taman peringatan in Nilai? Nope. There was this girl who wanted to die in a face like Demi Moore. Would I like something like that? Definitely not! I also do not expect for any people to remember me after I am dead. Do not need any plaques in the hall of fames or whatever. What is more important is that I hope to die as a martyr..a syuhada..i want to die as a real practicing muslim. I do not mind how i died, whether on a cosy deathbed or in a horrible accident, as long as I’ve reached my purpose in life. I really hope so.

Once, I thought dying as a syuhada’ is something unreachable and something only prophet Muhammad’s sahabat or somebody who go on a holy war can achieve. No. Now i know that it is a total misconception. Well, even those who died in the war is not confirmed to be a syuhada'. If I do what prophet Muhammad did, which also means do as told by Allah, then I can make it to the list of syuhada’ or syaheed. That is why my friend used to say that she believes that her religious studies teacher died as a syuhada' because she died on her way to school, in her aim to educate people to know their creator; Allah.

What I should do to achieve this is that I should be very conscious with whatever I do and why do I do it in every millisecond I live…whenever I do something, I should think, would I die like this or in this situation? For example, would I like to die in this concert after shouting and banging my head, joining in the mosh pit, idolising the artiste, and NOT remembering Allah? Doing what is not permitted by Our Creator and NOT remembering Him? Other example would be, died while dating and pegang-pegang (zina to be exact!).

Let’s just pray those who died had repented his or her mistakes before dying..amin

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