Thursday, 26 March 2009

berhati-hati dengan pena (atau keyboard komputer??)

alkisah, si penulis ni selalu menulis..penuh perasaan..
tapi malangnya, tulisannya selalu disalah ertikan.
artikel pertamanya yang tersiar di dalam media dipuji dan mendapat anugerah. artikel keduanya, dikatakan terlalu emosional oleh sahabatnya yang diminta untuk mengeditnya.

kemudian,tahun pertama dia cuba menulis blog pula, dia dimarahi dan dibenci ramai orang kerana tulisannya itu.

dia pernah cuba diam dan dia benar-benar diam. akhirnya dia buat keputusan agar dia memeram tulisannya dan mengeditnya beberapa kali sebelum membenarkan ia dipos pada blog.(bukan kesalahan ejaan atau tatabahasa yang dicari, tapi kesalahan lain..)
dia juga sudah mula pasang niat, iaitu menulis kerana Allah swt dan islam. menulis kerana apa? dan untuk apa? semuanya dia berserah kepada Allah.

sahabatnya (blogger juga) pernah menasihatkannya supaya menulis sahaja pandangan peribadi secara spontan sepertinya, iatiu tanpa rasa takut atau bimbang dan tiada eraman berlaku. jadi dia teruskan menulis, adakalanya tulisannya dipos spontan (khususnya emel), adakalanya dieram terlebih dahulu.

namun, kini apa yang ditakutinya dulu berlaku lagi. ada yang salahfaham dengan tulisannya. segala makna utama yang ingin disampaikan tidak sampai begitu. lain yang difahami..alamak! macam mana ni!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Barangkali kita tak suka apa yang telah disusun oleh orang lain. Tapi tanpa kita sedari, sebenarnya semuanya berlaku dengan izin Allah.
Semuanya telah tersusun cantik sejak azali lagi.

Tiada kebetulan dalam akidah kita. Mungkin kita tidak dapat melihat hikmahnya sekarang, namun sebenarnya jika benar kita yakin dengan Allah yang Maha Pencipta, kita sepatutnya meletakkan sepenuh kepercayaan kepadaNya, kerana Allah lebih mengetahui segalanya. Kenapa harus persoalkan??

(kita umpama sebatang pen, yang menuruti arah pemilik pen itu..jika tak ikut, mungkin tulisan akan jadi buruk dan tidak disukai pemilik pen..Ya Rabb)

Betapa cantiknya jika kita disatukan atas dasar akidah, bukannya disatukan kerana minat, kursus pengajian, dan pekerjaan yang sama, ataupun kerana manusia lain! Kerana, jika ukhuwwah dibina atas dasar akidah, tentunya mendapat redha Allah. Namun, jika selain itu, ia tidak mungkin akan berkekalan lama.
Contohnya, manusia berkumpul di majlis ilmu kerana Allah semata-mata dan juga mengasihi di antara satu sama lain seikhlasnya kerana Allah.

Jagalah ikatan itu, kerana insyaAllah hati-hati itu telah diikat oleh Allah swt, menjadi umpama suatu keluarga yang besar yang tidak mampu diganggu gugat sesiapa.

Love your family! Hehe.

Monday, 16 March 2009

a great victory??

this article is taken from yahoo malaysia:

Malaysia court upholds Muslim's return to Buddhism

By JULIA ZAPPEI,Associated Press Writer AP - Monday, March 16KUALA LUMPUR,

Malaysia - A Malaysian court ruled Monday that a convert to Islam has the right to return to her original religion, Buddhism, upholding an earlier decision favoring religious minorities in this Muslim-majority country.

The Shariah Appeals Court in northern Penang state upheld the lower court's verdict, dismissing the appeal by Islamic authorities to forbid Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah from returning to Buddhism, said Ahmad Munawir Abdul Aziz, lawyer for the state's Islamic Affairs Council.

"They ruled her conversion to Islam wasn't valid... Her declaration of faith was there but she didn't fulfill all the other conditions," he told The Associated Press. "She didn't practice."

Ahmad Munawir said the court "has made it clear that Muslims can't simply renounce the religion as long as their conversion is done in a proper way and he or she is accepted as a Muslim."

But Tan, whose first name before she converted was Ean Huang, said she never practiced Islam and converted in 1998 only to marry an Iranian Muslim. In 2006, she filed a request to renounce Islam after her husband left her.

Christians, Buddhists and Hindus have increasingly complained in recent years that they face discrimination, including unfavorable court decisions in conversion cases and temple destruction.

Tan's case follows another victory for religious minorities earlier this month when an Islamic court ruled in favor of a Christian man who was given an Islamic name at birth. The National Registration Department had refused to allow the man to drop his Islamic name when he applied for a new identity card.

But in many other instances in past years, courts have ruled in favor of Muslims, including refusing to let those who are Muslim-born leave Islam and accepting claims that people converted to Islam before their deaths despite family objections.

Malaysia has a dual court system for civil matters _ Shariah courts for Muslims and secular courts for non-Muslims, which make up more than a third of the country's 27 million people. In interfaith disputes, the jurisdiction of the courts has often clashed, and Shariah courts usually have the last word.


referring to the statement i bolded in this article. is it truly a victory?? i see it as a great loss. poor thing. how do u view victory??

How do you choose to die?

Today somebody I knew died in a road accident. Yup, road accidents happen every day. It makes me wonder, how am I going to die?

And then it struck to my mind, I cannot choose where or when to die. I cannot choose how to die (even if you lay out a detailed plan to kill yourself, you still cannot confirm whether you will die according to your plan or not. Remember those suicide attempts cases that failed? Everything is in the hands of Allah – kun fayakun).

we were told that this rock in Brunei is the sinking ship of Malin kundang/tanggang, a malay folklore about an ungrateful son that turned into stone.

Once I attended this talk on the topic “Begin with the end in mind.”
I was very sleepy during that session and could not remember anything from the talk. But I know, the end of my life in this world would mean Death.

How do I view death? Well, death is a process where you go shifted from one world to the other world where you will live for eternity. What you did in this world while you were alive determines what will you get in the afterlife. Heaven or hell? You choose. And death means time out! That’s it, you cannot turn back time. All done and let’s see whether you have done enough to escape from hell and get the best heaven for eternity. Whoa!

So how do you choose to die?
My friend used to tell me about this one particular guy he knew died of heart attack on a dance floor. He was dancing happily and then died.
Some people may say, “well, at least he died in happiness.”
But in reality, would you like to die that way?
First, I pity him because he died as a non-believer of Allah (he’s a non-muslim)
Second, as a muslim, I guess none of us would like to die on a dance floor. Die in a position where you forgot you creator; Allah subhanahu wa taala.

I guess it is strange to the rest of the world, especially non-muslims, when muslims put death as their motivations for living out their lives to the fullest. Surprise surprise, talking about death is not a taboo in our culture. We talked about it everyday, especially in our prayers. We know death can come anytime, in various ways. So, we are reminded to prepare ourselves for it.

But how do you prepare for death? Booking a nice place in taman peringatan in Nilai? Nope. There was this girl who wanted to die in a face like Demi Moore. Would I like something like that? Definitely not! I also do not expect for any people to remember me after I am dead. Do not need any plaques in the hall of fames or whatever. What is more important is that I hope to die as a martyr..a syuhada..i want to die as a real practicing muslim. I do not mind how i died, whether on a cosy deathbed or in a horrible accident, as long as I’ve reached my purpose in life. I really hope so.

Once, I thought dying as a syuhada’ is something unreachable and something only prophet Muhammad’s sahabat or somebody who go on a holy war can achieve. No. Now i know that it is a total misconception. Well, even those who died in the war is not confirmed to be a syuhada'. If I do what prophet Muhammad did, which also means do as told by Allah, then I can make it to the list of syuhada’ or syaheed. That is why my friend used to say that she believes that her religious studies teacher died as a syuhada' because she died on her way to school, in her aim to educate people to know their creator; Allah.

What I should do to achieve this is that I should be very conscious with whatever I do and why do I do it in every millisecond I live…whenever I do something, I should think, would I die like this or in this situation? For example, would I like to die in this concert after shouting and banging my head, joining in the mosh pit, idolising the artiste, and NOT remembering Allah? Doing what is not permitted by Our Creator and NOT remembering Him? Other example would be, died while dating and pegang-pegang (zina to be exact!).

Let’s just pray those who died had repented his or her mistakes before dying..amin

menjawab tag cik fieqa

sudah tiba masanya saya jawab soalan tag cik safiqa binti safar..hehe..
maaf ye fieqa, kak ai dah lama sgt jawab soalan tag ni. dah sebulan kot??hehe..tapi tak di pos sbb..merasakan time tu tak sesuai utk kak ai mengepostnya di sini..but alas, here it is! (big smile):

soalan2 nye adalah seperti di bawah..

1. Anda rase anda HOT?
Hot as if in neraka??? Haha..i know wut u mean, but saya tak kisah saya hot ke cold..hehe

2. Upload gambar kegemaran anda.
Saya suka tangkap gambar, jadi banyak sangat gambar kegemaran..tapi ni salah satunyelah

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
because i took it myself. tangkap gambar ni kat taman orkid..ditakdirkan Allah, ternampak satu view yg sangat indah untuk ditangkap gambar..walaupun ia hanya bunga yg gugur di atas rumput, berhampiran batu2 tu. sygnye, sy dah hilang original gambarnya. yg ni tak sharp n format kecil..

4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
Lupalah..mungkin kat rumah. Somebody bought pizza, and I just ate it. Yup, last year..hujung hujung sister n her husband belanja.

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Berjalan, melihat, nowseeheart

6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain dari buat tag ni?
Dgar mp3 dan cuba menyiapkan tesis

7. Selain nama anda sendiri, apakah lagi nama yang anda suka orang panggil anda?
Semua nama panggilan saya lah kot?
Tapi alangkah bestnya if dapat gelaran macam para sahabat ke.. heehe..gelaran yang baik2 n mencerminkan peribadi lah kan??

8. Tag lagi 5 orang:
alamak, tak suke main tag tag neh..sape eh?? Baeklah, kite bagi kat bloggers yg penah komen blog saye..
Korang takyah kot jwb soalan no1..takde maknenye..
1. arifah
2.qilah rafhanah..ker si fieqa dah suh awak jawab tag neh??
5.along nazirah

9. Siapa no 1?
My sister in tarbiyah..doc to be..semangat dia neh!

10. Siapakah orang nombor 2?
adekkku yang sangat hebat bertaekwondo! Hrp dia boleh jadi sehebat ummu atikah

11. Orang nombor 3 ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
ade! Ade hubungan dengan semua sisters yg berukhuwwah dgn dia..hehe..of course ada hubungan dgn Allah

12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4?
one of my lovely adikkks from intec :))

13. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang nombor 5.
they say we are terms of looks je lah kot? Dia sangat all-rounder..sayang along!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Eh, sudah pakai tudung labuh kamu sekarang..
Mahu jadi ustazah ke ape pakai macam ni?

Oh, saya teringin juga nak jadi ustazah. btw, saya akan mengajar seni..and the reason for me wearing this is just that i am just trying to be a better muslim..tu je..

Maksudnye yang pakai tudung labuh ni a better muslim???

Bukan begitu, saya pakai tudung labuh ni sebab nak please Allah. Allah adalah segalanya bagi saya. Trying to please Him and do everything because of Allah.
That is my ultimate target and purpose in life :)

Salah ke saya nak cuba jadi muslim yang lebih baik?

Tak salah, tapi awak nampak pelik…ekstrim!

Awak bercakap dari point of view yang lain. Pelik tak bermakna salah. Ekstrim tu neracanya sangat subjektif. Tak mengapa, yang penting adalah pandangan Allah.

Menarik juga kenyataan awak. Saya nak tengok sejauh mana awak boleh bertahan.

Tak apalah kalau awak tak yakin dengan saya. Cuma saya harap awak masih yakin dan percaya kepada Allah, percaya kepada kuasaNya, percaya yang Dia lah sumber hidup awak. Hanya Dialah yang Maha berkuasa. Dan hanya kepadaNyalah awak tunduk dan meminta. Bukan yang lain.

yelah, yelah..aku pun muslim gak!

alhamdulillah.. tapi, sampai bila awak hanya nak melihat? bila lagi nak buktikan? awak tahu ke berapa lama lagi masa yang awak ada?


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