Wednesday, 5 December 2007

the big star & the 'isk' girl..hehe

E’eh, you’re that film star! ANani right?
You’re still young and petite, and yet you’re a big star already!

~ sigh** blushing
~ thank you
~would you like me to sign an autograph for you?

Oh, no Ana. It’s okay, I’m not going to ask for your autograph or photo now :)
Tell me, when you have something really good, like special offer for certain products, you would definitely share the good news with others right?

~right?? Hehe..

But don’t worry, this time it’s not product. It’s only facts that I want to share with you. Some history lessons to be exact.


Never mind if you are full of controversy or the way you dress are really a contrast with mine.


We are all victims of what others did in the past. But all you need to do now is that you just open your hearts and mind now so that you won’t be victimized anymore.
We are all young and capable of doing something really big, so you see, there are people out there who realized that. So they are eager to manipulate our power. And you yourself are now a star! Imagine the impact that you’ve and you might have done. All your words and your actions are being heard, seen, and followed.

~so where are you getting? I cannot see any history lessons here.
~please get straight to the point I do not have much time.
~if you want me to endorse your product, just tell me dear.

Okay, okay. So what I am trying to say that it is others who mould us to be what we are today. Others, such as our family, our education systems, what we read or eat, and our surroundings. So now, it is up to us whether we took full charge of ourselves to become a tool for everything good, such as the Islam, our peaceful deen or just be a victim of circumstances and manipulated by others.

~you’re still talking in circles.

And…now I’ll ask you again; if you have good news, such as how Rasulullah got the first revelation in Hira’ cave, wouldn’t you like to spread the news to the ones you love?

~what do I have to spread?

The beauty of Islam. The words of Quran. It has everything you need in it. How far have we been using it as our manual of life? Have we told others what’s inside it? Or we just want to keep the good news as a secret?

~you may just have a point.
~I can only recite the quran, but I do not know Arabic. So where should I start?
~by the way, where is the history lesson you’ve been telling me?

Haha..yes, so we should start with the history lesson. And a history lesson will not be interesting if we could not relate it with ourselves right? Just like the plots of the film you just starred 1957: hearts of Malaya right? Therefore it is important to know how we see ourselves before determining our history.
This is the muqaddimah before we go on with ISK.

~ISK? What’s that?

hehe..…So, anyone? Who would dare to tell this film star about ISK?...hehe…continue this story yourself…


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