Sunday, 1 April 2007


I was on my way to kL sentral in a not-so-rapid KL bus that was stuck in a jam. Then, I heard a few of the commercials on the radio that really annoyed me:

Radio Ad 1: “Bang, pandulah secara berhemah, saya nak dapat wang RM250 ribu daripada Mat Spot..blablabla…”

(Mat Spot or whatever it is called offers RM250 000 to car owners that have registered with them that drives safely. But only if your car is spotted by them.)

Radio Ad 2: “Apabila anda menyertai perniagaan produk kecantikan ini, suami anda akan pada mulanya akan: “wow, cantiknya isteri abang!” kemudian, “wow, besarnya rumah dan kereta kita yang!”, dan seterusnya, “seronoknya bercuti di luar negara bersama.”

(okay, I may forgot the real script for this ad, but it is something like the above, where it shows what you could gain from the business – beautiful face, lot’s of money to spend on cars, houses, and free trips to overseas.)

These ads made me wonder, does our society really that materialistic? I can’t ignore the fact that we do need money in this world, but making it as your main aim in life? Use it for a lavish life? I wonder how many people would respond to that ad. Probably thousands of Malaysians would do that. Just look at the turnouts for the reality tv singing shows auditions? Up to 10 000wannabes! And how many girls and boys who would sell their body just for the money. Sometimes, even for fun! Wanting all the fun, fame, beauty, and wealth REALLY is what most people nowadays want. Money laundering, duit kopi, corruption cases, or whatever it is being called, is getting worser. It is true, the world is getting too materialistics. They aim to make millions per year. Trump or Gates are their idols. They work like crazy for those glitzy things. So where would your money go when you’re dead?
I don’t know what else to say..usually I would come up with a solution or idea to end my writing. But today, I let my emotions run wild and maybe you guys have to come up with the conclusion yourself.


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