Wednesday, 13 June 2007

This picture down here explains everything…

I got to admit, I grew up loving the TV. It started off with Sesame Streets series and then Doraemon and then into the CSI.
Yesterday I call it the idiot box. But today, I’m gonna take my words back.
I came to realize, that it’s not the TV, but the people who did not use it wisely are the ones who are idiots. I’m not so proud to say that I was one of that idiot bunch. Back then, I just watch TV because the TV is on.

Then, I justify my whole act, saying that watching that particular reality TV show is good to make you learn more about people’s psychology.
And that applies to Spongebob too?
Oh, it’s just for fun. Is it wrong to have fun?
No, it’s not wrong to have fun once in a while. But you do it the wrong way. You won’t get any benefits doing it the wrong way. Just like when you do a workout the wrong way- you won’t see the results.

During this motivational camp when I was still in primary school, they told us that TV is hazardous to us. It’s wasting our time. I do not understand it at that time. So, I tried to not watching the TV for a few days, but it doesn’t work. It’s because I do not understand yet the purpose of my life?

A friend used to ask, do we Muslims have time for hobby? With so many things to do and to learn, we are running out of time. So we do not need a hobby. Coz we do not have past time. Set our priorities first. Reading is not a hobby, it is a need.

To prioritize, you must be objective driven. You must know how will it benefit Islam and how will it please Allah? Throw in the big stones inside the bottles first before filling it with the small pebbles. That way, everything will fit in nicely in the bottle. That’s how you spend your time wisely.

Imagine the hours you spent watching stupid shows on TV, you might have finished reading 2 thick books, cooking, memorizing a whole page of al Quran, or maybe reorganize your files in your office. Just calculate how much time you spend watching TV or playing PS2 each day. It would really be more beneficial if you go for martial arts training instead of just playing the part of a martial arts grandmaster on the computer games. Besides, which one of these skills is more useful in this reality world?

Sometimes I prayed for electric blackout. So that people around me will realize that there’s a lot of thing that can be done besides watching TV. It might send a message to the person that being in the living room, does not mean that you must switch on the TV.

I am not suggesting others to stop watching TV or throw that box away. I am not saying that everything on TV is crap. I am suggesting that everybody should be in full control of what they are watching and only watch it when needed.
They must learn to PRIORITIZE.

And what about our media giants?
Well, I guess they should stop feeding us garbage. Feeding us with brainless imported reality TV shows will only degrade our own people. Polluting our young minds.
Can’t they see that?
Oh, I forgot, they can only see the money behind all these garbage and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

i like your views..

- SIS NADIA - said...

"Sometimes I prayed for electric blackout."<---hahaha!!boleh tahan jugak cikgu Ai ni yerk =P


Norma said...

People should read this.


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